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Aboriginal Art in London

Based in Wimbledon Village, London, Sarah-Jane Holden runs exhibitions of Australian Contemporary Aboriginal Art. The collection is probably the most comprehensive collection of paintings of Central and Western and Eastern Desert artists currently in the UK.

Aboriginal art is a firm favourite in British and in European Art collections, both public and private. The Sarah-Jane Holden Exhibitions in the UK are a viewing platform to see the huge variety, skill and talent among Aboriginal artists.

Contemporary graphics and design enable the art to fit seamlessly into today's modern interior, and the drama of a large scale painting can be achieved through a relatively modest outlay.

Provenance for artworks is guaranteed by way of a detailed Authenticity Certificate. These provide the purchaser with photographs of the artist working on the painting, information about the artist, awards, collections, and the story of the painting itself. The detail will depend on the cultural sensitivities surrounding a particular story.

The aboriginal paintings are prepared to a museum standard. They are painted on Belgian linen prepared with gesso and with two layers of undercoat. The artists use polymer acrylic paint.

Tingari Arts of Central Australia

Invites you to an exhibition of
works on canvas from the
Central and Western Deserts of Central Australia
10am - 4pm
Thursday 16th - Wednesday 22nd February 2023

Wednesday 6pm - 9pm

9 Parkside Avenue
Wimbledon Village,
London SW19 5ES


Mitjili Napurrula. - spring show 11th - 13th June 2010
Mitjili Napurrula
Hilda Nakamarra Rogers
Hilda Nakamarra Rogers

aboriginal paintings

Our Australian Galleries

Sarah-Jane works with two galleries in Austraila to promote Aboriginal paintings, Tingari Arts of Central Australia and Utopian Aboriginal Eastern Desert Art

About Tingari Arts of Central Australia

Linx Macpherson of Tingari Arts has been working with Aboriginal artists from the Central and Western Deserts since 1999.

Linx has established close relationships with a wide number of independent artists and their families and has played an important role in the development of Aboriginal art not only in Australia but world-wide.

About Utopian Aboriginal Eastern Desert Art

The Chalmers family of MacDonald Downs has had a long and close association with the Alyawarr and Anmatyerr people of the Eastern Desert region. They have lived and worked among the indigenous people of this land since the early 1920s.

The Gallery represents the work from the artists of the Utopia community, 250km NE of Alice Springs.

The Gallery on Macdonald Downs, prides itself on the careful selection of the best work available from the artists.

 Joy Kngwarreye
Joy Kngwarreye
Dolly Petyarre Mills
Dolly Petyarre Mills
aboriginal paintings

The Discovery of Aboriginal Art

How it all began… In 1970 Geoffrey Bardon, an art teacher from Sydney, was assigned to the Papunya community, a remote Aboriginal camp west of Alice Springs. Faced with the bleak desolation of the camp and the harsh lives of the inhabitants Bardon, at the same time, was entranced by the


beautiful symbolic drawings and patterns the men drew in the sand and dust. He gave the men paints and boards to give permanence to their work. Thus the genesis of the Australian Aboriginal Art Movement - described by Robert Hughes, the art critic for the New York Times, 'as the greatest international art movement of the second half of the Twentieth Century.'
Walala Tjapaltjari
Walala Tjapaltjari

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Sarah-Jane Holden Aboriginal Art, Wimbledon Village, SW19 5ES